Caerau Garden Market

Caerau Garden Market is a community based allotment / garden centre situated at the top of the Llynfi Valley in Caerau, Bridgend. The Garden Market not only allows local residents to utilise the plots within the garden but also holds strong links with the local primary school as well as nurseries and crèche’s within the valley.

As part of our Bethania Street Project in Maesteg for Valleys 2 Coast Housing, CJ Construction were able to offer a helping hand to the Caerau Garden Market in their quest to home a dozen chickens at the Garden.

With the children from Caerau Primary School providing the finishing touches the Caerau Garden Market are now proud to home the brood of happy hens that they were hoping for.

Project Images

Client Testimonial

  • Since the opening of Caerau Cluck Inn we have received our three hundredth egg today in just a month. Happy hens laying great tasting eggs! A massive thank you to CJ Construction for making this happen.

    Mr Andrew Smith
    Caerau Garden Market